Watch Bill Maher: 'If You Hunt Elephants and the Elephant Kills You, GOOD!'

In this clip from this week’s Real Time, Bill Maher properly mocked hunters who hunt big game animals, referencing a hunter named Ian Gibson who was trampled to death by the very elephant he was trying to hunt:

If you make your living stalking and killing innocent animals, as professional game hunter Ian Gibson did. And you’re leading a safari to kill elephants, as Ian Gibson was, and during that safari an elephant tramples you to death… good. We know the elephant is the nobler of the two because when the hunter wins it’s the greatest moment of his life. When the elephant wins, it is ‘Eww, what did I step in?’”

Maher couldn’t be more right. If you enjoy preying on and killing an innocent, majestic animal such as an elephant, it’s almost poetic justice that the elephant wins the confrontation you started.

Watch the video:

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