Watch: Obama-Hating FOX Host Falsely Claims There Were No Beheadings Under Bush

In this clip, Fox guest Stacey Dash ignorantly declares that nobody would have been beheaded by terrorists during the George Bush presidency, because Bush was “respected”. Responding to Bush’s comments at a Las Vegas fundraiser over the weekend, Ms. Dash decided to defend the former President, apparently entirely ignorant of the fact that at least five Americans were tragically executed during the Bush Administration.

She then goes on to complain that “the next President has to clean up this mess”, attempting to blame Obama for the chaos of the Middle East, but refusing to recognize that indeed, the next President will still be trying to clean up the mess that George Bush and his neo-con cronies unleashed in the Middle East.

It’s just astonishing how facts are so willfully ignored by the conservative media outlets in their relentless drive to rewrite history to suit their interests.

Watch it here:



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