Watch: Baltimore NFL Legend Ray Lewis's Must-See Message to Young Protestors

In this impassioned speech from Ray Lewis, he fervently calls for an end to violence in Baltimore and for the young rioters to find another way to express their frustrations and take a constructive, hands-on approach to solving the socioeconomic issues that have plagued their city and communities for decades. At the risk of spoiling it, here are some of his best quotes from his home-made video:

“No way. No way this can happen in our city. Young kids, you gotta understand something. Get off the streets! Violence is NOT the answer, violence is NEVER the answer. Freddie Gray, we don’t do nothing for him doing this! We know there’s a deeper issue! We know what the jungle looks like! But THIS isn’t it!

You don’t have no right to do what you doing to this city! We put this city together, we put this city on our back! We with you! We know what’s goin’ on, we know there was wrong done! We know justice wasn’t done! But this is wrong!”

The former Baltimore Raven, thirteen-time Pro Bowler, and two-time Defensive Player of the Year pleads with the youths of his city to stand down and go home. His speech is incredibly moving and with hope it will help bring some calm to the chaos engulfing the city.

Watch it here:

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