Watch: Ed Schultz Nails the REAL Reason Behind the Baltimore Protests in One Minute

In this video, Ed Schultz has a message for America about the real spark behind the tinderbox of rage and frustration that has engulfed the city of Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray in police custody:

“What’s unfolding of Baltimore isn’t cause of death of Freddie Gray these kids are just using it as a trigger. What you’re seeing in Baltimore is a byproduct of lack of opportunity! These kids are down on their luck, down on their situation, and they’re pissed off, so they’re gonna destroy stuff.

Nowhere anywhere does it give people license to throw rocks at the cops and destroy property, but in a sense their lives and their futures are destroyed because we aren’t investing in the youth in this country. There’s a thousand Baltimores across the America. If we don’t wake up and try to do something to make things better for other peoples lives, meaning investing in education, opportunity, and commercial businesses, they’re gonna feel this way for years to come.”

Schultz’s words strike home in a nation where Republicans are attempting to slash education funding and further push working families into desperate poverty. That agenda will, as Schultz put it, produce more and more Baltimore-type outpourings of anger and frustration, and if we don’t do something about it, the violence will only be worse next time. The REAL reason is because we aren’t investing in the youths of this country. 

Watch it here:

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