Watch: This Video Proves that A Good Guy with a Gun Can't Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun

In this informative video, ABC News goes undercover to dispel the myth that concealed firearms would be useful in a self-defense situation. In response to the NRA’s efforts to get more firearms into schools as a protective measure against school shootings, a test was conducted where students at Muhlenberg College, PA, were given basic firearms training (more rigorous training than most states require for a concealed carry license, we might add), and then set up in a self-defense situation.

It should come as no surprise that in a chaotic situation, the quick-response time and emotional trauma of such a horrifying event like a school shooting do not make the firearm a reliable self-defense tool. One is more likely to injure themselves or others than respond fast enough to advert a disaster.

What should be basic common sense to most of us is heresy to a fanatical group like the NRA, who refuse to acknowledge that their tireless efforts to increase weapons proliferation among the general populace only end up in death and suffering for the American people. But they’d rather entertain their delusions of heroism than face the facts.

Watch it here:

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