Scott Walker's Koch Brothers Agenda Leads To Record Job Losses, Deficit (VIDEO)

In 2010, gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker of Wisconsin pledged to create over 250,000 jobs for his state if he won the election. Upon his victory, however, he began implementing the same Republican trickle-down Reaganomic economic policy that red states all over the Midwest have successfully used to drive their economies into the dirt. The effect in Wisconsin has been no different. Far from embarking on the job-creating spree he promised, his anti-worker, Koch-Brothers inspired agenda has resulted in the state being 35th in the nation for job creation. Now a new report has surfaced in Wisconsin local media showing that the state will lose 10,000 jobs this year, the biggest drop in a single year since the Recession first hit.

This is a deeply alarming economic performance from an all-but announced presidential candidate. Four years into his tenure, his state still grapples with a $2 billion deficit and overall the economy  is somehow in worse shape than it was when he took office, and that was right after the Recession hit. The budget situation is so bad that Governor Walker is proposing the state stops picking up deer carcasses hit by traffic (about 24,000 of them) to save $700,000 a year. He can’t even be fiscally responsible in his own personal life, holding tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt. God only knows what kind of chaos he would wreak on our national economy if him and his millions of Koch dollars managed to take the White House.

Watch the full report here:

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