Watch: Baltimore Activist Snatched 'Black-Bag Style' By Police on Live TV

In this shocking video that is going viral, a community organizer who led Ferguson solidarity protests as been snatched “black-bag” style by riot police in full view of the media’s cameras, stirring outrage and criticism on social media.

According to the media, Kent had been working to keep the assembly peaceful and calm, urging the crowd to disperse. He succeeded, as the footage shows him alone, standing in front of the riot police.

All of a sudden, a National Guard vehicle pulled up from behind Kent, and several officers ran forward and seizing him, according to the footage. The vehicle shielded the police from the cameras, and by the time it had passed through, Kent was nowhere to be seen.

The drama was captured by a CNN crew, and has Twitter abuzz with the hashtag #JosephKent, with seizure is being described as “black-bagging.”

Kent is a student at the historically black Morgan State University in Baltimore, having rose to prominence as a community organizer during last fall’s Baltimore protests in solidarity with Ferguson, Missouri. Civil rights organizer Reverend Heber Brown III even described Kent as “Martin Luther King with tattoos and gold fronts.

Watch the video:

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