Watch: Baltimore Protester Shreds Reporter's Ignorant Question With One Of Her Own

In this clip, a Baltimore protester shuts down an MSNBC reporter’s careless question with one of her own.

“What type of message do you think it send to the world when we’re waiting on that justice and due process from the police investigation that we see residents last nights looting and rioting in the city, does that represent the population of this city?” asks the reporter, in a shameless attempt to get a citizen to speak ill of the protesters for propaganda purposes. She turns the question right on its head, and snaps back:

“My question to you is, when we were protesting all last week, for six days straight, there ewre no cameras, there were no news cameras, there were no helicopters, there was no riot gear, and nobody heard us. But now that we’re burning down buildings and set businesses on fire, and loot a building, now all of a sudden everyone wants to hear us. Why does it take a catastrophe like this for America to hear us?”

It’s the sad truth that all the die-ins and peace marches and nonviolent protests in the world will get thirty seconds of coverage, but one night of rioting provokes enough media content for a week’s worth of puff pieces, biased judgements and a frenzy of opinions.


Protester destroys reporter by omar-rivero-305

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