FOX' Hannity: If You Run, Police Have Every Right To Kill YOU (audio)

According to Fox News contributor Sean Hannity, if you run from a police officer, you don’t need to be apprehended safely — you deserve to be shot to death.

In a discussion on the mysterious death of Freddie Gray, whose spine was severed while he was in the custody of the Baltimore, Maryland Police Department, Hannity said that he wants to know all the facts surrounding Gray’s untimely demise, but he’s “not rushing to judgment,” and thinks that the cops are justified in shooting you to death if you run for them.

We’ve heard many on the Right speculate on the reason for Gray’s death. “Leaked” documents claim that Gray severed his own spine. One of Hannity’s colleagues at Fox, Bo Dietl, says that Gray probably slipped and fell while he was high on drugs. A more recent report claims that Gray died from a head injury when he allegedly slammed his head into a bolt in the back of the van transporting him — though WBAL reporter Jayne Miller reminds us that earlier reports from police indicated that he had “no injuries except to his spinal cord,” and that Gray was not capable of injuring himself in the manner police claim he did.

“I got to be honest, I don’t know what the answer to the question is. I don’t know why it happened. I know this, I don’t know why the kid ran,” Hannity said on his radio broadcast Tuesday. “What is the mindset of someone, they see a cop and they gotta run. Maybe his record had something to do with it.”

“What happened between the time he ran and the time he got in that truck and the time he got some medical care, we don’t know what happened yet,” the Fox contributor continued. “It’s suspicious to me. But I’m not rushing to judgment.”

According to Hannity, the fact that Gray ran completely excused anything that happened once his feet began moving:

And his record I mentioned earlier — it has nothing to do with — you know, what happened in this case. I assume that it probably was connected to why he ran and his relationship with police at that time. I mean it’s pretty extensive.

You know there’s a simple solution in terms of for other people going forward is: don’t be involved in the sale of drugs, don’t think police are your enemies, don’t run at 8:30 in the morning when you see a cop, and certainly that is a part that he plays in this equation.

Hannity may not want to rush to judgment, but it’s unlikely we will have answers anytime soon — or ever. Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s parents, grandfather, two of her aunts, and three of her uncles were all police officers — and she will be overseeing the investigation into Gray’s death.

While it is possible Mosby will handle things ethically, it is important to remember that Bob McCulloch had friends in the Ferguson Police Department, too…and we saw how that worked out.

Watch Hannity’s remarks below:

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