Watch: 5-Minute Video Breaks Down How Big Money Has Destroyed Our 'Democracy'

In this informative animation, breaks down how corruption is legal in America and how the power of legislative change lies heavily within the wealthy classes, while the will of the American people is ignored. It is chilling to see just how far our ideals of democracy have fallen and the way our government really works.

The narrator reveals how a Princeton University study found that if you take an idea that literally nobody in the United States supports, it still has a 30% chance of becoming law- the same goes for the most popular idea, supported by every single American voter, has only a 30% chance of becoming law. Our Congress doesn’t answer to us- the study concluded that “The opinions of the American public have a minuscule, statistically non-significant effect on public policy”.

On the other hand, the top 10% of the wealthiest Americans have total power to block legislation they don’t support and a 61% chance of getting legislation they do support passed into law. And they only support laws that benefits them, which is why every single issue facing America today can be traced back to the power of the wealthy influencing politics.

It is chilling to acknowledge that everything you were taught as a child about American democracy and the freedom we supposedly have is entirely false, a lie used by the economic elites to brainwash the masses and delude them with fantasies of political agency. But nothing will ever change unless people know the truth. Share this video if you want to take your country back.

Watch it here:

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