Gun-Wielding Ammosexuals Threaten Demonstrators At Freddie Gray Protest (SCREENSHOTS)

Texas open carriers spent their Friday night in Dallas taking a break from harassing a group of women fighting for reasonable firearm restrictions, and instead doing something different: harassing a group of women fighting against police brutality.

Mothers Against Police Brutality, armed with highly dangerous banners calling for peace, were swiftly met with a small mob of ammosexuals and gun fetishsits who made it clear that “this is not about a race war,” but that they were “protecting [their] own communities.”


Armed with their favorite penile extensions, these “patriotic”  individuals made it clear that they “value the 1st amendment as much as the 2nd amendment.” However:

“We are not only at the event tonight out of solidarity against police overreach and abuse. We are here because this is our community too, we will not just sit and watch on TV as a few misguided people use this as an opportunity to loot.”

The protest, of course, was in Dallas, where there was absolutely no looting occurring. Protesters called for an end to police brutality in the wake of the murder of Freddie Brown, the latest African-American to die at the hands of police.

Numerous protesters posted on social media that the true purpose of the gun-toting Teabillies was simply to harass and threaten:

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Fortunately, no one was harmed when the right-wing gun-lubbers invaded the peaceful rally. However, it could have been different. Last year, a Texas open carrier was charged with murder after she fatally shot her husband and stepdaughter.

After Veronica  Dunnachie was arrested, some of her open carry pals (like Bobby here) said they weren’t that surprised.


Others called for prayer for Dunnachie and her remaining children.


Open carriers claim they are not violent, but a recent Stanford University study shows that right-to-carry laws — the same ones ammosexual groups regularly take advantage of to tote their toys around supermarkets and restaurants — are associated with higher risks of aggravated assault, rape, robbery, and murder.

Imagine that.

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