Delusional Republican Congressman Claims ISIS Just Invaded Texas to Take their Guns Away

Texas is apparently a very dangerous place right now, according some right-wing instigators who believe that not only is the US Army invading to impose martial law and take their guns but that the extremist group ISIS has begun establishing bases in Texas- according to House Representative David Brat (R-VA). Of the US Congress.

Brat went on the radio the other day to discuss the report that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS, also known as IS, ISIL, or by their Arabic acronym Da’esh) had established a base south of El Paso, Texas, presumably also to impose martial law and take away everybody’s guns. The Family Research Council announced that the authorities had confirmed this report, when every single respectable official from the State Department to the Mexican government fervently deny the paranoid report. It’s astonishing how truth and facts are so easily ignored in this country these days.

Brat’s idiotic delusions then took an offensive turn, when he began railing against allowing some 2,000 Syrian refugees into America because of concerns that there may be terrorists among them. The tragic four-year civil war in Syria has created three million refugees who have been trying desperately to stay alive as their world shatters around them. The very least America can do is to offer shelter without stereotyping or prematurely assuming that simply because they are Muslim means that they have links to extremism. In any case, thorough screening will be undertaken by the Department of Homeland Security to ensure America stays safe.

David Brat, himself a Tea Party extremist, rose to fame when he toppled Eric Cantor from his seat in the 7th District of Virginia. He is the sort of person who believes God controls the economy and that free market capitalism is His Will. It is exceptionally alarming that not only our elected officials but those wishing to become President are giving credibility to these ridiculous conspiracy theories about terrorists and secret military takeovers when we have so many real problems facing this country.

Listen to it here:

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