Watch: Fox News Host Disrespects Hillary By Fawning Over Bill, Fantasizing About Dating Him

In this clip, the FOX hosts of Outnumbered disrespect Hillary by insulting her pledge to call the mother of one random supporter on Mother’s Day and for callously implying that the supporter would rather have a date with Bill Clinton.

They then attack her marriage, insinuating that Hillary is so cold-hearted and calculating that she’s kept Bill around all these years because “she knew he would become useful some day”, and that she’s exploiting his charm to lend her campaign credibility.

It ends with a hilarious moment as one of the hosts comes to a starting realization: that the network she works for is completely full of it.

These kind of juvenile potshots are par for the course on a network whose relevancy is fading quicker with every passing day.

Watch it here:

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