Kentucky Sheriff Causes Panic After Accidentally Shooting His Mom At Church Wedding

Far from keeping Americans safe, guns have once again injured an innocent bystander in a peaceful public setting. Kentucky Sherrif Cory Golighty of McCraken County was attending a wedding when his concealed weapon in his jacket accidentally fell to the floor and discharged a bullet into his own mother.

The weapon was not his official police weapon, and he has been suspended with pay for the incident. “My initial reaction was, ‘Oh my goodness. Could that possibly be a gun?’” Jeanine King, the piano player said. “Then my next thought was, ‘Gosh, who’s in the church with a gun?’ His mother is in the hospital in intensive care but is expected to recover.

These incidents are just par for the course in a gun-crazy America. Why anyone would possibly need a gun in a church is beyond any rational conception of safety, and the damage that these incidents cause is far too much of a price to pay to stroke the egos and fantasies of NRA obsessions.

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