(VIDEO) Kansas Waitress Scolds Tea Party Governor: "Tip the Schools Instead"

In this clip, a Kansas waitress who happened to be serving Governor Sam Brownback decided she had to take a stand and criticize his economic policies which have driven the Kansas economy into the dirt and left Kansas schools with so little funding that layoffs have shrunk the already-overburdened teaching staff and led to schools closing early.

While printing out the governor’s check at the Boss Hawg Barbecue restaurant in Topeka, waitress Chloe Hough decided to cross out the tip line and write “TIP THE SCHOOLS” instead. The receipt went viral online and has become a national symbol for the suffering that the Republican economic agenda is wreaking all across the Midwest.

Hough, a graduate of Topeka High, was inspired by her sister, a special-needs student who has been struggling since layoffs took away many of the teachers who helped her. Topeka High has a 30% freshman drop-out rate, and 40% of those that do graduate never go on to any further education. In an interview with Salon, Hough spoke out about her frustrations with the Governor:

“Education is so important. But we’re in an embarrassing place. When I meet people outside of Kansas, they’re like, “So do you believe in evolution?…He’s definitely awakened something more, because all of his policies are just backwards. He wants to take Kansas back into the Dark Ages.

And it’s not [just] education. It’s the fact that people can get fired for being LGBT. It’s the fact that we don’t have equal opportunities. It’s all kinds of things.”

We applaud Ms. Hough for her bravery in speaking out against her Governor, who did leave her a tip: ten percent. Adding such an insult to the injury he’s dealt the people of Kansas is just inexcusable.

Watch the video here:

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