Watch: Bernie Sanders Eviscerates Newly-Passed Republican Budget

In this clip from the Senate floor, Senator and newly declared presidential candidate Bernie Sanders takes the newly-passed Republican budget to task for the damage that it does to the American people and how it exacerbates the economic inequality crisis facing our nation.

He hits some astonishing statistics that don’t make headlines around the media- like the fact unemployment is much worse than the official figures- 17% of all youth still cannot find unemployment; among African-Americans, that number is closer to 50%. Median family income since 1995 has dropped by $5,000; the average American male made $783 less than he did 42 years ago.

“Does the Republican budget say okay, we’re going to raise the minimum wage so that everybody who works 40 hours a week can live with dignity? No, it does not. It moves us in exactly the wrong direction.”

He then turns to income inequality, hitting on the atrocious disparity in wealth- the wealthiest fourteen people in this country has seen their wealth increase by $157 billion- more wealth than the bottom of 135 million Americans owns together.

The power of billionaires and the plight of the working families in America has gotten out of control in this country, and we’re lucky to have passionate progressives like Bernie Sanders to take up the cause of the working American, who has been economically and politically disenfranchised by the oligarchs that control this country.

Watch it here:

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