Watch: Chris Matthews Blasts Ted Cruz for Blaming Texas Attack On Obama

In this video, Chris Matthews and a roundtable of guests take on Ted Cruz for his pathetic attempt at politicking, somehow blaming President Obama personally for the lone wolf attack on an offensive anti-Islamic hate convention in Garland, Texas.

They point out some glaring inconsistencies in Cruz’s logic. He wants the government out of everybody’s lives and to not interfere, but then also requires that the government be omniscient in its vigilance over everybody who could potentially be a terrorist? In addition, a table memeber makes a very good point about Texas and gun control. Cruz wants to be protected from “Islamic terrorists”, but lives in a state where weapons are freely and widely available. One of the most effective tools one can use to stop weapons from falling into the wrong hands are background checks, which Cruz is staunchly against.

Can’t have your cake and eat it too, Cruz. Your logic does not compute, and the throwing of stones at President Obama over something as foolish as this just smacks of desperation and a mindless lashing out in a delusional hope of grasping any kind of relevancy.

Back in your clown car, Cruz.

Watch it here:

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