Watch: Cops Caught On Tape Inventing Reasons For Illegal Stop: "Just Put Cocaine Test"

In this disturbing video, an unknown Bronx man is pulled over by the police and arrested- for no reason. Over the man’s protests and questioning why he was being pulled over, police refused to answer any of his questions and only responded with questions of their own: “Do you have any weapons on you, sir?”

The police then search the vehicle and flip the camera over, but the recording catches their conversation. One cop asks the other why he was being arrested, and that he “didn’t even know why they pulled him over”. The response?

“Just put cocaine test. That’s what you put. That’s how you write the summons.”

“Yeah…wow” answers the first cop.

To add insult to injury, the Youtube uploader benfarias12 later commented that “they finally told me what they pulled me over for when i was in the back of the cops car. ‘obstruction of windshield’ my air freshner lol wrote me a ticket for it too”

It’s another shocking example of police profiling an African-American man at a time when these issues are so sensitive following the massive protests in Baltimore. It’s clear that there is a problem of racism in our police culture, and our nation needs to do some serious soul searching to ask ourselves why.

Watch it here:

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