Watch: Morning Joe and Bill de Blasio Agree It's Time To Raise Taxes on the Rich

In this clip from Morning Joe, New York Mayor and progressive champion Bill de Blasio sit down to discuss income inequality in America and how both sides of the political spectrum are recognizing that its time to do something about it.

Mayor de Blasio opens by announcing his plans for a liberal “Contract for America”, creating a progressive agenda for our nation that deals with the rampant income inequality and and restoring America’s middle class. He plans to have a bipartisan forum in the fall to address these issues, because it is a problem that affects all Americans, and cites higher taxes on the rich as a good way to begin resolving the income crisis.

“It’s a question of proportion” says de Blasio. “Why should a hedge fund manager pay less than the woman who cleans his beach house or the man who flies his private plane?” Joe Scarborough agrees with him, saying that is not “really wild or far out there, cause when I say that to conservative audiences, they like that. Not if they’re on Wall Street, but everyday Americans.”

It’s good to see both sides of the aisle coming together on this issue, because it is going to tear our country apart if we do not deal with it- and it would be much better to deal with it as a collective.

Watch it here:

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