Watch: Paranoid Texas Lunatics Harass an Army Colonel with "Texas Takeover" Conspiracies

In this astonishing clip, a crowd of Bastrop, Texas residents harass a visibly frustrated Army Lt. Colonel about the allegations that the military’s Jade Helm 15 training exercise is really part of a plot to impose martial law on the state of Texas, a conspiracy that has been encouraged by multiple Republican presidential candidates.

After the colonel calmly and clearly explains that Jade Helm 15 is in fact a training exercise to ensure that America’s armed forces are prepared at all time for any situation, the crowd behaves as if they haven’t heard a word he says and begins barraging him with questions about martial law.

One man addressed the crowd as “the court”, asking “the court” if they would consider rescinding their invitation to the US Army (which does not require one) and asked if they would be offended if he said he didn’t believe a single word the Colonel said- to raucous applause.

Keeping his cool, the Colonel explained that though “you may have issues with the government and with this administration, but this institution (points to his stripes) has been with you for two hundred and forty years”.

Needless to say, the Texan citizens were not convinced.

Watch it here:

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