Pam Geller Left Speechless As She's Accused Of Intentionally Courting Terrorism With Mohammed Cartoon Contest

In this clip, FOX’s Juan Williams tears into Pamela Geller, the woman who organized the Islamophobic cartoon convention in Garland, Texas, for her hate-mongering and poisonous intolerance that led to a man getting shot in the ankle and two more to lose their lives defending their beliefs, albeit in an equally inexcusable way.

Williams isn’t having any of her trite explanations and declares “She’s like a pyromaniac who goes before the judge and says ‘Oh, I set those fires just to see how fast it would take the fire department to respond!”

Sean Hannity, as he is wont to do, responds in the crudest and most offensive way possible: choosing a rape metaphor that the vile misogynist has used to slut-shame young women across the country countless times before to protest Ms. Geller’s innocence: “Well, you’re saying, because she dressed provocatively, therefore she put herself in position!”

Williams isn’t having any of this nonsense. “The victim was a person who was trying to protect this event that Pam Geller put on quite intentionally” and is promptly interrupted by Hannity, who asks if the man was “protecting her from the people who don’t like cartoons”, deliberately misconstruing the intense emotional gravity of Ms. Geller’s offensive convention, which is beyond hypocritical for a man who thinks his own religion is under attack from earth science in schools and gay Americans getting married.

Williams finished with “Pam Geller was doing nothing but deliberately trying to provoke this reaction!”

Images or depictions of the Prophet Muhammed are considered blasphemous in Islamic belief, and purposefully setting out to provoke this reaction by people like Geller only add to the fear that Islam is under attack by Westerners, a fear greatly exacerbated by America’s 2003 invasion of Iraq that blowhard pundits like Hannity cheered on so enthusiastically. While what happened in Garland, Texas is an absolute tragedy, this kind of intolerance by bigots like Geller serves constructive purpose.

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