Watch: Jeb Bush Admits He Would Have Invaded Iraq Based On Lies Just Like His Brother George

In this clip from the Kelly File, Jeb Bush declares that he still would have invaded Iraq based on the “faulty intelligence” that was available at the time, and that he would still have done it knowing what we know now. It’s a shocking admission that seriously puts his foreign policy credibility into question.

Neither Kelly’s questions or Bush’s response actually make any sense, unless we are working under the assumption that it would have been Jeb instead of George as President, with Dick Cheney and Karl Rove and the neo-con elite that engineered the false case against Iraq, the false allegations of WMDs, and the nonexistent link between Saddam and al-Qaeda that suckered America into believing that the war in Iraq was necessary for national security.

Jeb had this to say about the catastrophic invasion: “In retrospect, the intelligence everybody saw — that the world saw, not just the United States — was faulty. And, in retrospect, once we invaded and took out Saddam Hussein, we didn’t focus on security first.” Quite an understatement from Jeb, as the invasion was so poorly planned there was no response in place to fill the vacuum of power after Saddam fell, allowing the country’s long-simmering sectarian tensions to explode into a whirlwind of violence that Iraq is still grappling with to this day.

It’s astonishing to see Jeb Bush declare that he would have done the same thing. Far from distancing himself from his brother’s disastrous presidency, he is embracing his brother’s legacy, an unwise move that will come back to haunt him in future.

Watch it here:

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