Watch: Bernie Sanders Exposes Koch Brothers' Evil Plot To Kill Social Security

In this video, Bernie Sanders brings the hammer down on the Koch Brothers’ campaign to misinform the public about the “need” to gut Social Security and the creation of an “echo chamber” of lies repeated so often that they become true, using the Republican politicans they’ve bought, the use of position papers from Koch-funded think-tanks, and blanketing conservative media with their message in order to convince the public to support the Koch’s fascist agenda.

Through a double-pronged campaign to increase the retirement age and to spread the lie that Social Security is going bankrupt (it actually has a $2.6 trillion surplus), the Koch Brothers want to privatize Social Security, like they want to do to every part of American society, so that they can sell it back to us piecemeal and use your retirement funds to invest on Wall Street.

The Koch’s have a truly diabolical plan for the American people, and it’s more important than ever for us to see through the lies and listen to passionate progressives like Bernie Sanders, who truly does have the interests of the American people at heart.

Watch it here, courtesy of Brave New Films:

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