Watch: Bernie Sanders Schools Bill O'Reilly On The Benefits Of Democratic Socialism

In this clip, Bernie Sanders schools Bill O’Reilly in the benefits of democratic socialism. Unsurprisingly, his lesson doesn’t make it far with the narrow-minded pundit but is entertaining and educational for the rest of us.

Bernie speaks glowingly of the Scandinavian countries, where healthcare and education are available free for all, without the “massive type of wealth inequality that we have in our country”.

“I make a lot of money” says the smug O’Reilly. “Did you know that? I make a LOT of money.” Bernie is not impressed, and refuses to take the bait when O’Reilly tries to push him into saying that taxes will be raised on most Americans. Sanders fires back that he would make corporations pick up the tab instead, and leaves him with a little jab: “It’ll be more than it is right now, that’s for sure.”

Watch it here:

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