Watch: Elizabeth Warren Lists the Six Changes Needed to Bring Back the Middle Class

In this clip, Elizabeth Warren denounces Republican trickle-down economics for “cutting the heart out of the middle class”, and then delves into famed economist Joseph Stiglitz’s list of the six changes that our country needs to make in order to uplift the middle class and achieve shared prosperity for our nation, not just for those living at the top.

We desperately need changes like:

– Making our financial system safer by breaking up the “too big to fail” banks

– Reforming our tax code to stop incentivizing companies to richly reward CEOs for risky behavior

– Investing in 21st century infrastructure

– Expanding public transportation to promote equal access to jobs and opportunity

– Making sure every child has an opportunity to get a good education without drowning in financial debt

– Ending the squeeze on working parents by investing in paid leave, child care, and universal pre-kindergarten

It’s appalling to think that in this day and age these changes might be seen as controversial or politically untenable when it’s really just good sense and would uplift our nation into a golden future, one that all Americans could enjoy and one that we’ve worked too hard to have to earn. The grasp of Wall Street and the billionaires and Republican obstructionism has gone on too long, and our nation weeps for her abandoned children.

Watch it here:

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