Watch: This Video Proves That A Jeb Bush Presidency Is A Danger To America and the World

In this short video, clips of George W. Bush and his ole brother Jeb are mashed up to create an amusing but also terrifying montage of just what a Jeb Bush presidency would look like.

Far from distancing himself from his’s brother’s failure, Jeb has embraced them over the years and stands by George’s decisions, even going so far as to say that he would still have invaded Iraq, knowing what we know now. “One of the great attributes of the Bush family is that we get to steal each other’s ideas!” is not an encouraging thing to hear from Jeb, especially knowing that the charges of WMDs were entirely fabricated and the entire assault a conspiracy by neo-cons to profit off of death and destruction.

As Jeb furiously amasses as many donations as he possibly can before declaring his candidacy for the Presidency, it’s important that we remember what we’ll get if, God forbid, he ever makes it to the Oval Office.

Watch it here:

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