Watch: Bill Maher Calls Out Tea Party Racism: "It Was About A Black President"

In this clip, Bill Maher and his panel discuss the Tea Party and the bailout of the financial industry, and how the Tea Party’s ferocious attack on the bailouts and the national debt is nonsensical economics. The debate turns to the origins of the Tea Party, the birth of whom the conservative believes is traced to the bailouts and the mortgage bill and Obamacare, but Maher sees through it all.

“It was because we had a black President. All of a sudden, white people are very concerned about the national debt, which spiraled up under Bush!”

His opponent argues that “They were upset over the Bush debt as well!”, but Maher shuts him down with a quick “I don’t remember a Tea Party then!”

Neither party is entirely correct, but Maher is closer to the mark. The Tea Party are a creation of the Koch Brothers and other big corporate interests who threw enough money around, roused enough rabble and bought enough politicians so that they could upset the establishment Republicans and begin implement their vision of an oligarchal America.

Watch it here:

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