Watch: Neil Degrasse Tyson and Bill Maher Destroy A Climate Change Denier

In this clip, Bill Maher and Neil Degrasse Tyson take a climate change denying CEO to task for his refusal to accept the truth.

Tyson discusses how denial works: “Every scientific truth goes through three phases: First, people deny it. Second, people say it conflicts with the Bible. Third, they knew it all along. Which stage are we in now?”

“Conflicting with the Bible!” snorts Maher, who then points out that “We’ve actually gone backwards. Twenty years ago, Republicans did believe that climate change was happening, they just found a different way to approach it- cap and trade- which is the Democratic approach now. But somehow, Republicans have moved to ‘its a hoax’”.

Then Tyson hits everyone with a logic bomb: “The rest of the animal and plant kingdom. Animals are migrating at a different rate, plants are migrating north that never made it north before, they can now sustain themselves due to the warmth…Nature already knows the answer to what everybody is arguing about, and I take my cues from that.”

Watch it here:

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