Watch: This Is Why America Needs Bernie Sanders

In this inspiring video, Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign is summed up in four minutes through a montage of his most moving speeches. It showcases his authenticity and his consistency in his populist message, his constant fight over thirty years for the well-being of the American middle class and to free our nation from the stranglehold of Wall Street and the billionaire class.

“All over this country, you have a lot of bright, decent, good people who are saying, you know what? The situation is hopeless, you can’t beat the Koch Brothers, you can’t win, I’m giving up. That is EXACTLY what they want us to believe. And I BEG of you, do not enter that world of despair!”

Sanders has taken on a monumental task, an epic battle to save the soul of the American nation from the ravenous, all-consuming forces of hypercapitalism and free-market fascism, but his passion and determination are truly inspiring to behold, and we can all draw hope that all is not lost. The American people have their champion, and we owe him our support for all the battles he’s fought on our behalf.

Watch it here:


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