Watch: FOX Guest Goes On Shocking Anti-Woman Rant: 'They're Less Ambitious…Should Be At Home With The Kids'

In this astonishing clip, FOX guest Gavin McInnes gives one of the most deplorably offensive woman-hating rants you will ever hear. Last night’s hour of ignorance with Sean Hannity featured McInnes and Tamara Holder discussing Hillary Clinton and pay equality for women, a discussion which went right off the rails as McInnes started spouting some offensive drivel about how women are less ambitious and motivated then men, and shouldn’t be involved in politics.

“Women do earn less than men in America because they choose to! They would rather go to their daughter’s piano recital then stay all night at work…they’re less ambitious, and I think this is God’s way, nature’s way of saying women should be at home with the kids!”

McInnes continues to dig himself into a hole, Tamara Holder is absolutely disgusted, and Hannity finds the whole thing hilarious. FOX News’ war against women is as distasteful as it is offensive, and it’s awful to realize people still think this way in this day and age.

Watch it here:

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