Watch: Rachel Maddow Trashes Jeb's Viability As A Candidate After Iraq Question Fumbles

In this clip from the Rachel Maddow Show, Jeb Bush’s entire campaign and status as the presumptive nominee in the Republican field is called into question after his disastrous handing of the question: “Would you, knowing what we know today, have invaded Iraq?”

After cycling through all the different variations of answers, Jeb has finally declared that no, he would not have invaded Iraq like his brother did- but immediately after doing say, still maintained that our invasion of Iraq was a good idea (it wasn’t) and that the world is safer now because of it (it isn’t).

Maddow rips him for “If you are George W. Bush’s brother, and you are running for president very soon after the presidency of George W. Bush, you should expect to be able to answer a basic question about the war your brother started that is widely viewed as the worst foreign policy blunder in the United States in a generation.”

Jeb’s inability to field basic interview questions from FOX News hosts is a very bad sign for his nascent campaign. The aura of competence and quiet severity around him is gone; now Jeb looks like just another run of the mill Republican candidate. He will not ever see the Oval Office.

Watch it here:

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