Watch: Bernie Sanders Schools Alan Greenspan On How He Created the Bush Recession

In this clip, Senator Bernie Sanders calls out Alan Greenspan, the-then Chairman of the Federal Reserve, for ignoring the needs of the American people and serving only the wealthy.

“I’ve long been concerned that you’re way out of touch with the needs of the middle class and working families of our country, that you see your major function in your position as the need to represent the wealthy and large corporations and i must tell you that your testimony today confirms my suspicions…The country clubs and cocktail parties are NOT the real America!”

In a House Committee on Financial Services hearing from 2003, Senator Sanders is unusually prescient in slamming the economic policies that have resulted in some of the worst income inequality in the world. He lays out all the ways in which our nation is failing the middle class- and “this is in an economy that is IMPROVING! I’d hate to see what would happen if our economy was sinking!”

We saw what would happen when the economy sank in 2008- all those problems got so much worse, and has left our nation in a state of perpetual crisis as Republican efforts to shunt money to the rich and the unrestricted growth of the Wall Street banks have robbed our people of the upward mobility and quality of life that the American Dream has promised us.

Watch it here:


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