Watch: Bill Maher and Bernie Sanders Destroy An Obama-Hating Economist

In this clip, Bernie Sanders and Bill Maher bring the hammer down on a GOP free-market zealot for their backhanded attacks on President Obama’s economy. Sanders defends Obama’s employment record and the recovery that the President has steered us through, and both Maher and Sanders pile on the “fiscal cliff” foolishness and the sudden concern that the Republican Party has for the national debt- a growth in which was their responsibility during the Bush Wars.

“Where were all the deficit hawks when we gave tax breaks to millionaires? Where was the Wall Street Journal when we went to two wars and forgot to pay for them?”

It’s funny how the memory on the right is so selective- nothing is a problem until they can blame President Obama for it.

Watch it here:

berniemaherbush by ctaylor1337

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