Watch Bobby Jindal: Clinton Wants To Send Christians to 'Re-Education Camps'

In this absurd clip, the attention-desperate Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, interprets Hillary Clinton’s comments on religious freedom as a call to send pro-lifers to “re-education camps”.

It’s no surprise that a man whose poll numbers are scraping the bottom would go to such absurd lengths to stand out in the clown-car of radical right-wing extremism that makes up the modern Republican Party. Jindal has taken up the cause of the right of the hyperreligious to discriminate against gay Americans and strip women of agency over their own bodies.

It’s especially ironic considering that the religious right actively operates their own re-education camps to try to “pray away the gay” out of their children, resulting in humiliating trauma that achieves nothing but destroying the self-esteem of their own kids. It’s time for the hypocrisy of the far right to end and learn to live and let live with the rest of us.

Watch it here:

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