George W. Bush's Inspiring Message for C Students: "You Can Be President Too!"

In this absurd clip from George W. Bush’s commencement speech at the Southern Methodist University, he reminds the world that he was in fact a ‘C’ student who barely made it through college and somehow became president through gerrymandering and the rigging of the election.

Bush grins and smiles as if he’s said the cleverest thing in the world, but implicit in that statement is the fact that he was a party boy who never had to work for anything and that his father’s connections got him into Yale, and he has a message for other children of the monied and connected elites- your fathers too can make you president someday.

It’s equally amusing and depressing to watch. Mr. Bush does not seem to have a lot on his conscience after all the horrors he wreaked on this country and others.

Watch it here:

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