Watch: Bernie Sanders Explains What's Wrong With American Capitalism

In this clip, Bernie Sanders explains how Reagan capitalism has turned our country into the Old West- a Darwinian struggle where every American struggles against each other to make their way in life while the most aggressive and predatory among us reap all the rewards, “making out like bandits”.

Sanders is dismayed at the shrinking of the middle class, the increase of poverty, and the rampant income inequality that is afflicting our country, from both a moral and economic standpoint. He points to the public response to the Republican agenda, and how it doesn’t match up with what the American people want- American retirees want Social Security, not to have their retirement funds invested in the stock market for brokers to gamble with. Veterans want healthcare provided for them through the VA, not to have to pay for it on the private market.

Sanders makes striking comparisons with the Scandinavian countries, where workers recieve their salaries to stay at home and tend to their children, and the provision of free kindergardens to tend to children while their families return to work. They recognize the critical importance of a child’s formative years and have provided avenues for them to do so, including free higher education for them to have the opportunities to fulfill their potential.

Sanders is spot on. Unrestricted cowboy capitalism is unsustainable in the long run and has led to an oligarchy of the wealthy in this nation. It’s time that America fought back for the values that we believe in.

Watch it here:

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