Watch Flashback: Krugman Schools O'Reilly On The Impact Of The Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich

In this clip, a delusional Bill O’Reilly gets schooled by economist Paul Krugman on how the Bush tax cuts killed job growth in America and stunted the economy’s growth- two years before the recession hit. It quickly becomes heated and O’Reilly switches into ignorant bulldog mode almost instantly- “Don’t call me a liar, pal.”

All of Krugman’s carefully researched facts are met with wild exaggerations and misinformation from O’Reilly, even having the nerve to blame Bush’s mismanagement of the economy on 9/11. On the offense the entire time, Krugman’s steady and reasonable argument is abruptly cut short when O’Reilly does the only thing he can do to rebut- cut his mike.

Watch it here:

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