Watch: The Koch Brothers' Racist Plot To Re-segregate Public Schools

In this clip, the Koch Brothers’ atrocious plot to resegregate the public school system in Wake County, North Carolina is exposed by the Brave New Films squad as part of a chilling documentary.

The Koch Brothers and their pet Super Pac, Americans For Prosperity, took an unusual interest in the 2009 school board election in Wake/Raleigh County, NC. AFP created a smaller group, WakeCARES, and poured absurd amounts of money into an election campaign advocating an end to what they call “forced busing”- a code word for desegregation that goes back to racist Governor George Wallace (R-AL). They also pushed for “neighborhood schools”- i.e. seperate schools for blacks and whites.

It reveals that there is an alarming tinge of racism in the Koch Brothers’ already despicable plot to destroy public institutions and replace them with for-profit organizations. Despite massive community protests, the four Koch-supported candidates won and have since begun rolling back the busing program. The Kochtopus has its eyes everywhere, and they will stop at nothing to control this country and rebuild it in their own twisted image.

Watch it here, courtesy of Brave New Films:

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