Watch: How Corporations Make Billions Off Detaining Illegal Immigrants Explained In Two Minutes

In this clip from Brave New Films, the industrial prison complex built to exploit the country’s immigration crisis is exposed for the inhumane money-making scheme that it is. A select group of corporations, including the Corrections Corporation of America, and lobbyist groups like the Koch Brothers’ ALEC, fund legislators to pass harsh anti-immigration and racial profiling laws like Arizona’s notorious SB 1070, which then fill their detention centers with inmates.

The founder of the CCA, Thomas Beasley, put it like this: “You sell it just like you were selling cars, or real estate, or hamburgers.” It goes a long way to showing why this country has failed to pass any kind of substantial immigration reform, because the status quo is just too profitable for the corporate backers that control the Republican Party. It’s just another way that big companies have found ways to exploit and profit off of the backs of disenfranchised people who have come to America, fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries and looking to build a better life for themselves. It’s the antithesis to everything the American Dream stands for.

Watch it here:

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