Watch: Cheney Caught Deviously Looking On While Puppet Bush Extorts America For War Funding

In this disturbing clip from 2007, Dick Cheney is caught hiding in the shadows, looking on with his trademark menacing grin, thirty meters away from President George Bush while he extorted the nation into providing more war funding by bringing up the families of military soldiers and thinly veiled threats of redeploying their sons and daughters again.

Cheney’s role as the shadowy puppet master is put on full display as he glowers in the corner, watching with a keen eye to ensure that his orders are carried out, his message properly delivered to the American people, and that the funding for the war he engineered was secured. There can be no more doubt as to the motivation behind extending the conflict. The War in Iraq saw the massive privatization of duties formerly carried out by the military, and people like Cheney profited heavily- his company, Halliburton, made $39.5 billion profit off the war in Iraq. It’s long past time these war criminals were brought to justice.

Watch it here:

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