Watch: Hillary Bodyslams Republicans For Fighting To Keep Women Underpaid

In this clip, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at a South Carolina House Democratic Women’s Caucus, promoting the issue of equal pay and absolutely ripping her Republican rivals for refusing to make any progress on equal pay for women. “I don’t think I’m letting you in on a secret when I say too many women still earn less than men on the job. And women of color often make even less, and then there is the so-called motherhood penalty with many women taking a pay cut when they have children.”

Then she takes aim at our do-nothing Republican legislators: “Now, we could fix this if republicans would get on board. We in fact could fix this today, but they won’t. In fact, one Republican candidate for president dismissed equal pay as a “bogus” issue. Another said Congress was “wasting time worrying about it.” One even said that ‘efforts to guarantee fair pay reminded him of the Soviet Union.’ It’s appalling to hear our elected officials refer to efforts to create equality for half of their constituency in such dismissive and insulting terms, and is clear evidence of the atrocious sexism that is rampant among the right wing.

Clinton then addresses the need for increased wages for all Americans, and the vast array of social, economic, and political forces that stand against the march of progress in America. It will be a difficult fight, but with passionate candidates like her, our nation might be able to make some real headway.

Watch it here:

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