Watch: Funny-Or-Die Skit Calls Out Duggars for Rape-Shaming Own Daughters to Protect Son

In this hilarious clip, FunnyOrDie ruthlessly mocks the Duggar family’s attempts to cover up their son’s molestation incidents and for refusing to listen to, believe, or protect their own daughters.

Erin Gibson and Greg David Jones pose as Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. “Michelle”, the “baby factory for the Duggar clan”, defends their family’s reaction to the accusations. “The point is we handled it! When we first heard about Josh’s mistakes, we did the right thing and ignored the girl who came forward!”

“Girls lie all the time” adds Jim Bob.

After more girls came forward, they “immediately” reported the abuse three years later.

It’s a powerful but amusing condemnation of the bizarre religious extremism that the Duggars practice, where pro-life and family values are an ideology that is preached but not practiced.

Watch it here:

The Duggars Respond To Sexual Abuse Scandal from Funny Or Die

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