Watch: FOX Hosts Insult Caitlyn Jenner With Transphobic Jokes, Mock and Disrespect Her

In this disturbing clip, a FOX News host mocks Caitlyn Jenner’s new identity and then proceeded to disrespect her by using the improper pronouns that don’t reflect her true gender. “What the hell is going on?!?” asks Neil Cavuto, approaching the serious subject of a grown adult redefining their gender identity with all the maturity of a third grader.

The panel then goes on to take cheap shots at her stepdaughter Kim, her choice of dress for the Vanity Fair cover shoot, and at Caitlyn Jenner in general. The transphobia is plain to see on the pallid face of Cavuto, too ignorant to understand or appreciate the gravity or emotional power of the situation. FOX News has again shown it is incapable of approaching gender issues with any kind of professionalism.

Watch it here:

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