Watch: Barney Frank Calls Out Hastert And The GOP's Hypocrisy On Gay Rights

In this clip, Barney Frank rips Dennis Hastert’s hypocrisy for being the Speaker who attempted to pass a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage while having engaged in a predatory relationship with a male student while he was a high-school teacher. Frank rightfully points out that the media has been over-sensationalizing the gay aspect of the scandal, when we should be focusing on the fact that it was a teacher taking advantage and forcing himself upon one of the teens he was entrusted to mentor.

He adds that “But what does make the gay issue relevant is the fact that he presided over the Bill Clinton impeachement trial with New Gingrich, who at that point was sleeping with his third wife to be and cheating on his second wife, with whom he cheated on his first wife, and then Bob Livingstone who had to step aside because he was sleeping with a lobbyist.” The hypocrisy is so poignant it’s absurd.

He then goes on to say that: “the other thing is that Dennis Hastert as Speaker twice tried to force the House to pass a constitutional amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage, that would have retroactively invalidated marriages that had happened in Massachusettes. So when someone who himself has engaged in same-sex activity, then uses his position of great power to try to penalize other people who try to do that, that sort of hypocrisy should be penalized.”

He’s absolutely right. The number of family values and homophobic Republicans who have been revealed to have committed those same acts that they preach so fervently against grows every week, and the criminal nature of the most recent incidents is shameful for those who paint themselves as God-fearing bastions of “morality”.

Watch it here, courtesy of HuffPoLive:

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