Watch Bernie Sanders: In A Debate, I Won't Let Republicans 'Get Away With Murder'

In this clip, Bernie Sanders explains to Rachel Maddow why he is itching to debate with the Republican Party candidates now, before the general election, calling out the cable media’s obsession with petty trivialities, polling numbers, reaction quotes and provoked confrontation that create a circus-like atmosphere in a desperate struggle for ratings. Sanders slams them for it: “In a sense, the Republicans get away with murder! They have an absolutely reactionary agenda…If we can confront them and debate issues rather than allow the media to get into political gossip and polling and fundraising, but talk about the issues, I think their agenda does not reflect more than 15 or 20 percent of the American people,”

Sander also wants an opportunity to write this election his own way- focused on the real issues facing American working families, for the consequences of this election will be more significant than possibly ever before. Sanders wants to change the rules so he has a chance to take the Republican candidates to task on the issues and force them to face the music on their Koch Brother agendas, BEFORE the general election:

“When so many seniors are struggling right now, how in God’s name are you talking about cutting Social Security when we should expand it?” Sanders said he would ask. “When kids can’t afford to go to college now, why are you talking about cutting Pell Grants by $90 billion? Why are you on the payroll of the Koch brothers and other billionaires rather than addressing the needs of working families?”

Bernie Sanders is the one candidate who has declared from the start that this isn’t going to be just another election. He has made it his mission to bring his message to the American people without the smear attacks and the stunts but by focusing on the things that really matter to Americans: their jobs, their pay, their healthcare, their retirement. Most importantly, he has also vowed to not let the Republicans get away with their misinformation and lies.


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