Watch Lindsey Graham: 'Don't Vote For Me' If You're Tired Of Americans Dying In War

In this shocking clip, Lindsey Graham announces his intention to send American soldiers back to war in Iraq- and to get our nation involved in the chaotic, hellish five year war that is still ongoing in Syria. “I’m trying to tell the American people and the Republican primary voter that the only way I know to defend this country is to send some of us back to Iraq and eventually to Syria, to dig these guys out of the ground, destroy the caliphate, kill as many of the as you can, hold territory, and help people over there help themselves.”

It’s an incredibly astonishing statement that is as horrifying in its implication as it is brazen in its ignorance. The Syrian civil war has expanded to pit four different factions against each other- the Alawite forces of Bashar al-Assad, the Free Syrian Army, the al-Qaeda affiliated Jahbat al-Nusra, and the forces of the Islamic State. In a constantly shifting battlefield where so many groups are at play and three of the four would actively resist American intrusion, it would be madness to send our troops there. Senator Graham clearly has no understanding of the situation on the ground in Syria or Iraq, and to display such a cavalier willingness to discard American lives for a political talking point is offensive to the men and women who fight so hard to keep our nation safe.

When the FOX host observes that might be a hard sell to the American people, Graham has one thing to say: “then don’t vote for me.” His wish will come true; he just ensured that nobody will vote for such an ignorant warmonger.


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