Watch: Whoopi Goldberg Calls Out the Duggars For Their Hypocritical Bigotry

In this clip, Whoopi Goldberg and the ladies of the View take the Duggar family to task for their hypocritical attempts to brush their son Josh Duggar’s molestation crimes under the rug with appeals to “God’s forgiveness” last night during the Duggar’s interview on FOX’s the Kelly File.

Whoopi is not moved by the religious argument, and says that “You brought God up, so it makes it okay to say this. You’re not forgiving of people who feel different from you, you made robo-calls about transgender people and said some really horrific stuff, so if you want to find out about forgiveness, this is not the way to do it.”

She then acknowledges the difficulty of the situation but refuses to give them a pass for it, like so many in the right-wing community have attempted to do. “I know this was your son and I know this was many years ago but don’t downplay this, especially after what you guys have done in the name of Christianity. I’m just sayin’.”

She’s absolutely right. The way the Duggar family and the ultraconservative right have banded together to try to excuse the abhorrent defilement of their daughters and absolve Josh of his crimes after propagating so much hate against gay and trangender Americans is incomprehensible hypocrisy, and it is our duty to knock them off their pedestal of false moral superiority.

Watch it here:

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