Republican Senator Mocked After Sending 'Stupidest Tweet Ever' (SCREENSHOTS)

Senator John Thune accomplished something that many would consider impossible: He managed to tweet the single most stupid, and possibly the most dishonest, sentence known to mankind.

On Monday, Thune shared his thoughts on the possibility that six million people, thanks to GOP policies, may lose their health care subsidies. According to Thune, while Obamacare is the most evilest thing in all of the known universe, it’s even more evilerer if people lose access to it.

“Six million people risk losing their health care subsidies,” Thune wrote, “yet @POTUS continues to deny that Obamacare is bad for the American people.”

6-8-2015 6-36-35 PM

The previously uncharted level of stupid was quickly detected by the rest of the world. Twitter responded to Thune’s massively idiotic statement with a mix of bewilderment and a strong need to mock the Senator for “the stupidest thing ever said on these internets by a politician”:

6-8-2015 6-21-06 PM
6-8-2015 6-16-16 PM
6-8-2015 6-08-51 PM

6-8-2015 6-06-19 PM

6-8-2015 6-05-56 PM

6-8-2015 6-05-41 PM

6-8-2015 6-05-10 PM

6-8-2015 6-03-43 PM

6-8-2015 6-10-54 PM

6-8-2015 6-10-24 PM

6-8-2015 6-10-06 PM

6-8-2015 6-09-53 PM

6-8-2015 6-09-32 PM

Currently, the fate of 6 million Americans’ health care subsidies is at risk. The Supreme Court will soon rule on a lawsuit engineered by conservative and libertarian think tanks. The Huffington Post explains that:

The plaintiffs, a group of regular people recruited by conservative and libertarian think tanks opposed to the Affordable Care Act, claim that there’s a brief phrase in the law that makes health insurance tax credit subsidies illegal unless they go through a health insurance exchange — that is, an online marketplace for health plans — that was set up by a state government. That leaves out the 34 states where the federal government runs the exchange instead.

King v. Burwell is one of several basically identical lawsuits arguing that the IRS broke the law when it published a regulation allowing subsidies to go to people in states with federally created exchanges. Not surprisingly, Republican officials eventually embraced this lawsuit as a cool, new way to ruin Obamacare.

To Thune, the fact that a lawsuit engineered by activists on the Right and embraced by his party is the very reason 6 million may lose their subsidies is immaterial: What matters is his narrative.

His stupid, delusional narrative.

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