Watch: FOX Host Cuts And Runs When Called Out For Fracking Hypocrisy

In this clip, an environmentalist takes corporate FOX shill Stuart Varney to task for his pro-fracking views in the face of a new EPA report that confirms that the controversial drilling practice does in fact poison groundwater. Josh Fox, the director of the Gasland documentary, questions Varney’s ridiculous story that the tapwater on his property was combustible before the fracking practice began.

Fox brings up that Varney had said he wouldn’t frack on his own property off-camera and calls him out for it: “Why would you not frack on your own property and then prescribe it for other people in America?” He then pokes holes in Varney’s allegations that the water on his property was combustible before drilling, and calls him a liar on his own show. Varney gets furiously angry and kicks him off his show.

Guess he can’t handle the truth!

Watch it here:

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