Duggars In Hot Water After Refusing To Cooperate With Child Welfare Investigation

The Duggar family, the group of Christian fundamentalists who made headlines with the revelations of their son Josh’s molestation of his young sisters, has made the news once again by refusing to accept a visit from child welfare services.

Undeterred, the agent called 911: “Well, we’re Washington County DHS office we’re out here to, we have an investigation, and I guess they’re not being cooperative. We have to see the child to make sure the child is all right. So we just need police assistance or escort.” The police arrived and the check was conducted despite resistance from the family.

The reason for the visit from child protective services is confidential, but it’s not the first time they’ve had to keep an eye on the Duggar family and their absurdly large clan. They visited in 2006 to investigate the allegations of sexual abuse that were confirmed to be true and subsequently covered up until the recent release of the police reports by In Touch magazine.

The Duggar family are members of the Christian fertility cult known as “Quiverfull”, a bizarre mixture of unbridled natalism and draconian sexual repression that has had adverse affects on the children, as we can see with the awful case of Josh Duggar. They have nineteen children, and one has to wonder how they can possibly provide each one with the proper nurturing and emotional support that the children need. It’s very disturbing that the child protective services have had to pay another visit to the clan, and even more so that the family resisted. It’s a terrible hypocrisy to bring so many children into the world and not be able to protect and care for them properly.

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